Cat the Shop Shopper

Mar 16

Christie's vintage Gucci service →

Christie’s Auction House, in collaboration with Gucci are offering a vintage appraisal service.  The item must be at least 20 years old and have some significance or from limited production.

Wonder what my 1992 era Gucci clogs will get ?

Mar 14
How to:  Vintage Fur

How to:  Vintage Fur

Mar 14

On-Trend and Vintage-Unique

Vintage Fashion is trend driven just like contemporary fashion.  Last year it was knee boots and this year it’s ankle boots, for example. Most of us like to integrate our new vintage finds into our modern wardrobes. Here’s what I’m looking for in my local vintage stores this winter.

Olives and Khakis - goodbye Black (for now).  Black is on pause this season.  Most of us have enough black but never know where to turn for alternatives. Look for trousers (another key trend), pair this colour with denim, layer your olives and khakis together with whites and always use a scarf to soften the look.  Look for this colour in any way..from shoes to bags.

(image - Jacket C.1945)

Jackets: tailored & waisted to perfection.    Coco Repose have some outstanding 1940’s jackets, single button closure, worsted wools in burgundy and navy.  The blazer is a strong piece for winter but look for ultra feminine tailoring.

Jodphurs - trousers are big this season. Score the Vintage Trophy if you can find ‘English Patient’ style jodphurs.

(image - Winter 1922)

Floral dress a la Mad Men- stores like Grandma takes a Trip can’t get enough of these flower bomb dresses.  Modernise with new heels, clutches and trench coats. 


Doc Martens - another key item to seek in a vintage store.  Clap your hands if you find them in your size.  We found a great customised pair…but we shan’t tell you where.!

Sparkles - Zoo Emporium has made it easy for us to shine bright.   A whole rack of sparkly things from 80’s shoulder padded jackets to 70’s tops with butterfly motifs.  Calm the shine down by mixing with denim.

Fur - mini-bits: we are all for re-cycling and this includes fur.  Anna Wintour has inspired us on this trend.    Look for shoulder covering jackets or small pieces for use as collars.

(image - Anna Wintour)

Sunglasses: everywhere we went the sunglasses tempted us;  from Christian Dior bug eyes to classic Wayfarers.

Body-Con:  Shag showed us some great Azzedine Alaia body con jackets and bodysuits from the 80’s.  We were mesmerized by the intricate tailoring.   This is what makes vintage so educational.

The one-off accessories:  statement necklaces, bangles galore and the return of the gold Chanel clip earring.  Pick which one works with you.  Some of us can’t return to the days of pulling off the heavy clip-on earring only to massage your ear back to life.